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Online noise generator page.

From the beggining of the radio signals people have discovered noise signals. Sounds can help us in many ways. For example, if you suffer from tinnitus, a nice background noise played in background can help mask this medical condition. If you suffer from insomnia, listening to a waterfall noise can help you sleep quickly. brings you three type of noise sounds: white, brown and pink. White noise has a flat spectrum, pink noise has a spectrum inversely proportional to its frequency, and brown noise has a spectrum inversely proportional to the square of its frequency. Each file has 30 minutes of playtime and is available to stream freely and anytime you like.

What types of noise generator are you looking for ? Drop us a line and let us know what else would you like to find here, what kind of noise files are you looking for and let's build together a great library of noise sounds.

White Noise

Pink Noise

Brown Noise