Online Tone Generator

The notorious 1 minute online hearing test. Free and easy to take without any signup required.

Is you hearing good enough ? Take this test and see what's the highest frequency that you can hear. Is your hearing affected by your work or lifestyle ? Find out now. Usually a human being can hear sounds in a range of 25-20,000 Hz but if your hearing has been affected hearing high sound frequencies can be lowered. You can take this test anytime from the comfort of your home using your usual headphones.

This test is just an indicator, for mor elaborate test please visit your PD for more details.

Please be aware! To use a low volume of your headphones in order to avoid any damage to your hearing or sound equipment. Do not increase the volume of your headphones during the test. Let's make your hearing great again :)

Click the play button to begin the hearing test.

The current frequency is: